Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a snow day...imagine that

being from texas i get it...any glimpse of snow and everything shuts down. well today was our snow day. this is the first year i passed on the puffy coats - the ones the kids won't wear because it's never cold enough and they don't like the way they feel. it figures.

and, yes, the kids went sledding (sliding/scooting...whatever means necessary to get down the slope in our backyard). the morning was topped off by a trip to chuck e. cheese. i figured it would have been totally crowded but i guess everyone was concerned about the road conditions - i type that with sarcasm.

sarah saved her tickets from our last trip and wound up with a great tye-dyed chuck e. shirt (the kind that looks like it should glow in dark and you should be scared to wash with anything else).

ben completely grasped the token + ticket concept and had his pockets full of crumpled tickets from the skeeball and soccer game. and, of course, caleb rationed his tokens (rob would be so proud).

all in all, i think i like these unexpected days off more than anybody. as i sit here at almost midnight once again making a list that is way too long i am glad we stopped to play in the snow (all half an inch of it).

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