Wednesday, February 20, 2008

beanbag-1 :: ben-0

ben is trying to give up his afternoon nap (not exactly with my approval) so today "we" agreed to watch tv on the beanbag for rest time. he made it halfway through the movie and the beanbag won.

by the way, he's finally growing...if you can tell by the pants / capris. no, i didn't pose him...he did the hands behind the head thing all by himself.


Bronie said...

oh the afternoon nap. it does cause such drama around here. i need me a beanbag...and one for wyatt.

Misty Burns said...

Hey Kirsten, I do not know if you will get this..but please tell your family that we are praying for Rob's sister and her baby. I just read Rob's blog, and was saddened to hear of what is going on. We will keep you in our prayers.