Monday, February 25, 2008

all of the above

so, when your kid does something they are not supposed to you:

a. give them 'that look' and shake your finger
b. yell 'nooooo' as you run toward them frantically assessing the situation
c. stop, reassess the ordeal, laugh
d. let your mind wander to the 'what could have been' zone
e. run back inside, grab your camera and take a picture
f. all of the above

ok. so most multiple choice questions don't have this many choices but....fortunately, i do.

like sooooo many days, i tell ben it's time to go and we head out the door. and, like sooooo many times, i forget something so i head back inside. this day i just forgot my bag on the steps by the back door so it was a very quick grab and go. ben was occupying himself in our garage (which is easy to do considering the unbelievable amount of stuff that keeps accumulating....i'll save that for another post).

anyway, i run in and run out...because i was running late for something (no surprise there) and sure enough, the car is also running. hmmmmm. funny. it wasn't running before. hmmmmmm. funny. ben is in the front seat. hmmmmmm. not so funny.

ok. so i'm thinking he's pretty stinkin' smart to get the right key in the right spot.

not supposed to be thinking that, right? well, whatever. cup half full my friend.

you see, caleb starts the car for us when it's cold in the mornings because he's always ready first and needs something to do besides follow sarah around yelling "hurry, we're going to be late!"

caleb has asked me before which key starts the car....i've told him more than once, "the big one." i'm thinking ben was listening (finally, my children listen to me and this is what happens.)

well, i did all of the above. talk about multi-tasking.

now on top of saving for college and therapy i'll have to add car insurance to the list.


The growing Adkinson family said...

That is so funny im not sure id be laughing if it were my 2 year old but that is very smart to get the right key. It is amazing what they listen to and what they dont.

Bronie said... at least he didn't run over you in the driveway. i'm thinking wyatt would think would be funny to see if mommy could get out of the way quick enough. i'm sorry, i meant ryan.

what a smart little toot to get it started. was the cd blasting the wiggles or something when you got in?

Misty Burns said...

Oh my!!! What a smart little one you have. I totally would have freaked out!!! There is just something to that third child thing!!! Good thing he's cute huh??